SEO Tech Development

Here at Movea we initially aimed at the industrialisation and commercialisation of innovative motion capture devices. Having built software in 2009-2011 we went dormant for a fair few years! We were focusing on solutions that combined mobile, wireless, cost and energy effective capabilities with high-level motion information. Disruptive technology providing efficient human motion measurement at a cost and usage model compatible with consumer applications. Our solutions were based on low power, off-the-shelf components. No configuration hassle suitable for indoor and outdoor. We haven’t stopped creating software since then, but we’ve been doing it locally since. Now we are back on the web and ready to develop some more great products.

We got very interested with all the latest technological advancements and we branched out into a more technical space whereas originally we were developing technologies for outdoor focused activities. Now we are deep into the web space and we have started developing Search Engine Optimisation technologies for managing and reporting on SEO¬†campaigns. We’ve been in this business for a couple of years now but have only just made our website publicly available again. We were focused on B2B (Business to Business) but are now branching into B2C (Business to Consumer). Our SEO technologies are already being used by some of the most successful SEO companies in Australia, now we are selling to the everyday consumer. We have a variety of packages that are affordable for the individual or small agency.

It’s actually quite crazy how we came so far and changed so drastically, although our underlying passion is still there. We’ve always aimed to create a product that is great and that will help many people in the industry. Our story is actually quite interesting and we do plan to write a page on it eventually! Pretty much what happened was we lost interest in the motion capture device industry and split off into different directions and one of our seniors found search engine optimisation and grew very passionate about the industry. What happened next was very interesting – he found there was a hole in the industry, there wasn’t a company that provided consistent variation of SEO products. There are a number of companies that purely focus on one solution but we wanted to be the all-in-one platform for all SEO needs. So we came together again and created just that! We plan to add more products to our portfolio over time.

Take a look through our website and have a look at the products we have created, we are sure if you are active in the SEO industry you will find something that will definitely help you! Our main office is located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia but we service the whole of Australia. We also have our main technology development team in France.