Our Technologies

Over the 3 years we’ve spent in this industry we’ve been developing SEO tools and constantly improving upon them. They are used by some of the biggest agencies in Australia and we are proud to present them to the general public. Below we have added details about each of these products but we have not included pricing. We have only just started B2C sales and as such we prefer to do price on a case by case basis depending on your needs and clientèle. Get in touch with us about any of products you see below and we can create a custom quote for your company.

If you are a small company or a freelancer then we also have an option for you, we are trying to make our service all inclusive. We have a very affordable package including the products you decide to be valuable.

The SEO Reporter – Ron the Rabbit

Ron the Rabbit reports on everything! You can choose to get a weekly or monthly report, this includes information such as traffic increases, keyword rankings over time, conversions and more. This is our most popular product, generally because it is the easiest to use! You just plug in your website, connect with Google AdWords and Google Webmasters and bam you are good to go. You can also go in at any time and see how your rankings are progressing. We really do recommend you have a SEO campaign in place run by a digital marketing agency. You know you can trust our product just as many agencies do in Australia! Our product pricing is scaleable and depends on the amount of users etc, for more information contact us about Ron The Rabbit.


The Keyword Generator – Kat the Kangaroo

Kat the Kangaroo handles everything to do with Keywords! That’s right, you just plug in your website and Kat will work out what keywords you are already ranking for and focusing on. Then she will give you a bunch of recommendations, maybe some keywords/key phrases you had never thought of. She bases this off your keyword cloud then off traffic in search terms. Each keyword is given a difficulty rating depending on how high and how many people are ranking competitively for it. For example “Hurse Brisbane” will be much easier to rank for than “Sports Drink Brisbane”. With all of this information under your belt, Kat can help your reach the top of the search engine for the keywords you want to rank for.

The Link Builder – Larry the Lemur

It is well known that links are the main factor for ranking a website. Larry the Lemur helps you build links, this is a very complex process but Larry makes it much much easier! First off Larry will give you a bunch of recommendations for links that you should try and build, for example local influencers in your industry etc. This will be based off what links you already have and based off the content on your website. Now the hard part is actually landing those links, Larry has a number of inbuilt features that will help with this process. We won’t say any more about it here because it is quite in-depth, but we guarantee this will really change your SEO campaign.

The Backlink Profiler – Bruce the Bear

Backlinks build the foundation of your website and show Google how reputable your website is. But also people can attack your website by sending untrustworthy and spammy links at your website. Bruce the Bear will help you out with this, he will do a full crawl finding all the websites that link to yours. He will then identify the ones that he deems spammy and step you through disavowing the links. Easy as that! He will also provide you a report of your most useful backlinks that bring the most power to your website.